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Orphans of the Impact Winter is a comic that tells the tale of an imaginative young boy and his loyal dog as they struggle to survive in a world where the moon is falling out of the sky.

It’s never easy growing up. It’s that much harder when the end of the world is looming. Falling debris from an asteroid’s collision with the moon has caused an impact winter on Earth, lowering the temperature of the whole planet. Plants and animals are dying off, resulting in a worldwide food shortage. The shattered moon’s orbit is deteriorating, with fragments still routinely showering down from space. Society hasn’t crumbled, but it has deteriorated, especially in the frigid north. And when the moon finally hits, all life left on the planet will be extinguished.

It’s in this world we find a ten year old boy named Chuck. Fending for himself after his parents’ deaths, his reality is hard for a child to make sense of. To cope, he spends much of his time in a fantasy world, imagining himself as a space explorer while his dog Addie is his faithful anthropomorphic bodyguard. But when the two meet a group of fellow abandoned children, they join forces on a quest to find a rumored spaceship that may be their only hope of escaping the doomed planet. It’s a story about growing up and navigating the trials of youth - playing, making friends, dealing with first loves and losses - all viewed through the lens of the impending apocalypse.

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Issue 1: *Released*

Issue 2: *Released*

Issue 3: June 26th

Issue 4: TBD July

Issue 5: TBD August


Story: Lee A. Carlisle
Art: Ross Carlisle
Colors: Marina Gonçalves
Letters: Marco Ventura

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